QuickSilver has completely changed the way I use the Mac.

I want to see QuickSilver for mobile phones. Just as Lifeblog brings together disparate sources of data and tabulates them into a single interface (messages, pictures, etc.), I want a tool that lets me start typing and just brings me what I want: calendar appointments, names, numbers, whatever.

There's a place for third-party applications on phones, but at a time when manufacturers are increasingly making the devices more capable (and more complex), then a dead simple interface onto the important stuff - people and communication - would satisfy the I-want-my-phone-to-be-a-phone brigade (who have a very valid point) whilst letting vendors slowly tie in additional sources of data over time. I wouldn't care how overloaded the menu of my 7610 is if I could bypass it to do 75% of the things I want to do with my phone.

And thinking about it, isn't Quicksilvers approach similar to "predictive text"? "Guess what you think I'm typing"...