Reasons to be cheerful:

  • It's Friday and I have a weekend of variety: 2 days of fun and frolics lie ahead of me.
  • It's Mr Falletti's birthday so we've forced him to dress as the magician he is.
  • After 3 months of unpleasant uncertainty, I finally own my home; so now I know where I'll be living for the foreseeable future, and can get on with the various jobs which have piled up over the last 4 years. Massive weight lifted from mind.
  • It was the cats birthday yesterday, and they celebrated by murdering their first bird. I returned home to a pile of feathers and half-chewed sparrow parts. Part of me is appalled at their obvious love of cruelty, whilst part of me is proud that - just occasionally - they can be Proper Cats, red in tooth and claw.