There was whooping. A man hollered. The air may or may not have been punched. An appalling cricket-related pun may have been deleted from the draft of this post.

Yes, last Friday we were passed news that Roulette Cricket, a product we launched earlier this year for the eponymous startup, won second place (and a not-to-be-sniffed-at 50,000 euros) in Vodafone Mobile Clicks, a high profile competition to find the best mobile Internet startup in Europe. Having put a great deal of thought and sweat into the app over the last 9 months, we're absolutely chuffed; and we think that some of the principles underlying the app (its use of live data and unashamedly humble attitude towards being used as a "second screen") are interesting ones that you'll see a lot more of in coming years.

There's a video which communicates some of the tension behind the final presentations and judging at PICNIC in Amsterdam here, and you can learn more about Roulette Cricket on their web site here, or in my blatherings here, or here.

And of course, congratulations to the RC team - who've propelled this product from paper plates at Lord's into the Apple App Store. If you had the patience to watch the talk I gave at MoMo Amsterdam a few weeks ago, you'll have seen me sing the praises of some clients who've been a wonderful mix of engaged and trusting this year. They're one of them, I'll be writing about one of the others soon :)