There's no real diary of summer school going on here, mainly because I'm sleeping in any spare time I get. Classes have all been great so far - early morning sword work with Ken Marsden, Kanetsuka has been magical as ever, Kobayashi is fantastic, and Matthew Holland (who I seem to be spending most of the week with) has been great.

Had the gradings yesterday, and it was a mixed bag: Steve and John got 5th and 6th kyu respectively, Dan was asked to try again next time around, and whilst I got 3rd kyu I really wasn't happy with my performance during the grading. I've yet to bore Tom or whoever graded me by discussing it with them, but I felt that I was too easily intimidated early on by a large uke (which is my fault, not his - I should be used to that) and was a bit ragged from then on... so there's plenty to work on before next time around.