A collection of thoughts and notes from PICNIC which I've just found on my phone:
  • Connecting disparate entirely public sources of information can create privacy concerns (what happens when you can match photos of the inside of my house with photos of the outside?)
  • How long is it before Disney starts suing eidetics?
  • Status is a driver for all sorts of things (including group learning): don't underestimate the Importance of Impressing Gurls;
  • Location based games have high infrastructure costs - very much a problem we're tackling with LocoMatrix: let us take on the infrastructure and leave game developers to come up with fun formats;
  • Linking real world data to games is fun. We want to wire up sharks :)
  • You can encourage a closer relationship with what's geographically around you by tying location in with data - e.g. emotion maps as a route to political engagement, or RFID to relate to cities;