We're recruiting, for a dual ScrumMaster/Office Manager role: someone to focus full-time on identifying and fixing issues, and on improving the efficiency of everyone here at FP.

The right person for the job will be smart, unintimidated by technology, calm under fire, and interested in learning. They might have experience in Scrum, but that's not essential as long as they have a clear enthusiasm and willingness to learn; we'll provide a lot of support during the early stages (we have certified staff in-house and have been running Scrum ourselves for more than 2 years), and training too.

The job description is short but broad:

ScrumMaster/Office Manager
Position reports to: Technical Director
Overview: Owns and organises the production process and office environment

Key Responsibilities:

  • Facilitating daily standups for our two production teams
  • Identifying and resolving impediments to progress of the teams
  • Working with the Product Owners to create long-term release plans for the business
  • Facilitating fortnightly sprint demos, retrospectives and planning sessions
  • Administrative support to the management team


  • Predominately an internally facing role, with the exception of fortnightly demos and planning sessions


  • Will be supported through Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Practitioner qualifications

Email recruitment@futureplatforms.com with a CV if you're interested.