After last years event, where I did a panel session discussing mobile user experience with Marek Pawlowski, I've been invited back to talk again at the Future of Mobile 2008.

I'll be drawing on the experiences we've had at FP of delivering mobile services across a whole range of technologies, and talking about to decide where to put in effort when building and launching your product.

The quality of other speakers is, I'll confess, a little intimidating: many faces that'll be familiar from the London mobile scene (plus a few folks I've not had the pleasure of meeting yet), ending with what I'm sure will be a heated panel fight^H^H^H^H^Hdiscussion chaired by Mike Butcher.

Slightly lower-key, it's Brighton Barcamp 3 next weekend (following closely on the heels of dConstruct 2008, which has been keeping Soph out of mischief for the last few months). Last year I was running on empty after travelling back from Black Rock City. This year I hope to actually stay awake long enough to do a talk... which looks like it'll either involve presenting our experiences adopting Scrum over the last year, or something about software development, martial arts and craftmanship (presuming I can OTA mind-meld with Mr Whiteland between now and then).

If you're coming and have any preference, do comment! From discussions with Ms Cottrell in the office and Mr Silver at the Tuttle club on Saturday, I think there's going to be a range of really interesting stuff going on...