My god - NetNewsWire is creaking under the strain of a couple of hundred tabs, so here's an attempt to empty a few. First a StatBurst:

  • There are now 2 billion mobiles worldwide, and "the bulk of the new growth now is coming from large, less well-developed markets such as China, India, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa"
  • 4 million people are using Vodafone 3G, with faster HSDPA networks scheduled for next year;
  • Apparently "just 17% of UK mobile phone owners use their devices for anything other than texting and calling -- on a daily basis". So nearly 1 in 5 UK adults are making use of some sort of advanced data service on their phones, daily. Nice - and plenty of room for growth;
  • WiMax projections seem to show it isn't a 3G killer, film at 11. That doesn't mean it isn't important, of course.... just that Skype-using PocketPC owners won't be burning down Vodafone just yet;