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"I'm as sceptical about the bland repurposing of TV content for mobile as the next man, but the fact that 3 hasn't been a success doesn't necessarily indicate it's the wrong thing to do - there are a load more reasons why 3 haven't made it big yet ;)

Personally I've stolen the video of Tomi Ahonen, that just as MTV introduced the idea of very short (3 minute or less) stories as music videos, mobile may well bring about a similar sort of content: 10 to 30 second clips which are designed with mobile in mind and tell a story well in the confines of screen size and time. This seems to be a view that Nokia are pursuing - check out Nokia Short if you've not seen it before (

Streaming video may well be workable on handsets, and bandwidth may be available to allow it for individuals, but whether the networks could support it as a mass market service in the near future is a different matter, no?"