After a quietish summer, I'm on the move in the next month or so.

  • In a couple of weeks time, on 14th August, I'm giving a talk at the £5 apps event about the gritty realities of setting up a software company;
  • I'll be stepping in for Joh and hosting the Coding Dojo on 22nd August, at Future Platforms' offices in Brighton.
  • Then I'm skipping across the pond with a trusty band of pals to Black Rock City. Can you tell how excited I am about that? ;)
  • We get back from the US just in time for dConstruct 2007, which is looking absolutely fantastic;
  • Swedish Beers follows on the 12th September. FP will be shouting loud about something then too :)
  • On 18th September, I'll be panelling at Mobile Web 2.0 on the subject of "defragmentation";
  • 25 - 29 September, I'm in Amsterdam for Come Out And Play and PICNIC07
  • 14th October, it's the Future of Mobile conference, where I have the pleasure of speaking about mobile user experiences with Marek Pawlowski :)

So a busy couple of months... and closer to home, we have the lovely Loop Festival arriving in Brighton on the 18th and 19th August. And rumours of an interesting name in the Aikido world who might be paying us a visit in September - I'll post more here when I can.