The Future of Convergence Is Not Mobile: "The results of the Olswang Convergence Consumer Survey and Summit 2005 reveal that, despite the increasing number of mobile phones available with multi-media functions and the industry attention currently being given to mobile TV, consumers are significantly more likely to use home computers than mobile phones to consume multi-media content."

Puny earthlings - it's not about convergence, it's about dominance!

And I don't get how you reach this conclusion anyway, from the fact that 17% of surveyed respondents want to watch TV on their phones vs 57% wanting to watch "varying digital programmes, of their choice, including TV and film, whenever they like" on their PCs. That's shoddy research (if it's being reported accurately) - it's not comparing like to like.

But I'd agree with John Enser when he says "There can be no 'one size fits all' approach to offering entertainment to users across many different platforms and this increases the investments demanded of companies moving into these new areas. "