Mobilegirl on running your own business: "There is no bedtime. There is no routine. There is only your own style."


This is one of the things that only struck me after a year or so of doing FP, and whilst it sounds liberating it's not without its downside. When I first met up with friends and told them I was now working for myself, the typical reaction was nudge-nudge-wink-wink "so you can take time off whenever you like, then?". Which of course you can... but with the constant nagging fear that you're missing something Of Utmost Importance by doing so.

I find this fear - which multiplied tenfold when we first started hiring employees - to be a massive motivating factor, and at the same time the thing that stops me drawing a clear line between work and play (keeping me blogging, say, on a Saturday afternoon when I should be spending a bit of time with my nearest and dearest...)

Which is not to say there's no upside... so when, for instance, we were introduced to Scrum by the guys we were working for at the BBC last year, I was able to read it, be completely convinced, and then start to adopt it within FP. That kind of freedom - to play with how you do the work you do, to try things out and to accept them or reject them as you see fit - is utterly fantastic.