Drawing out some interesting chunks of today:

  • I think most presentations have referenced or been heavily based upon mobile, much more so than last year;
  • The idea of community-supported teaching that Ewan McIntosh alluded to (there being only a single reviewer of classwork currently, the teacher), harked back to Sugatra Mitra's work having Indian children self-teach computer literacy;
  • I'm wondering how social software should enable lies (or at least plausible deniability) and how sharing secrets might be used online as a starting point to build relationships;
  • Rafi of Violet's comment that "Fun and interpersonal communication are as powerful propositions as usefulness". I sooo need to get my RFID on;
  • The developing world as an audience for mobile, strangely enough tying into a presentation we had from a client regaring a product we'd built recently;
  • Paul Dourish on ethnography was fascinating, I'm desperately trying to relate it to something I could practically *do*...