TechCrunch has a story on Trutap:

"And I think that while the world seems in love with the iPhone, the reality is that the biggest mobile applications market remains Java, so any application that can run across hundreds of handsets and is lightweight in download size has legs. The harsh reality is that most handsets, including most in the US, are terrible, so any app which makes the business of accessing social networks and IM over data easier is on to something. The very lightweight Trutap mobile protocol means is uses very low amounts of data so low bills are low as well. They have also been smart to stay away from VOIP, which means they can deal with operators. And the Trutap application really is great to look at."

We've been working with Trutap for a couple of years now, helping define, design and develop their mobile client. And Doug Richard (CEO of Trutap) and I will both be speaking at the upcoming Future of Mobile conference in November.

Mobile Industry Review also ran a little piece on Le Tap:

"He showed me a demo of the next version of Trutap — it’s going to be quite stunning. IM, Content, Social Networking — all aimed at the emerging markets (and India in particular). I think that kind of audience will eat up Trutap.

Part of the new roll-out — including this whizzy new client I saw — includes offering Trutap users the ability to subscribe to and receive content."

Watch this space :) We've got some fantastic stuff going on which we'll be able to show off soon...