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A day of “Round-Robin”, multi-style training, and presentations of off-mat aikido. A seminar for people to whom aikido is more than just twisting wrists. What does aikido have to do with leadership, yoga, sports science or peace building? Step outside the box and find out.

January 21st, 2006, 2-7pm.

Kilburn, NW London

£ 10 – Suggested donation.

Please confirm attendance before the day as we expect to have to cap places.
Suggestions for additional presentations welcome. Contact Ian Hurst Sensei or Mark Walsh for further details:


London Host Dojo – Includes map:

Last UK applied aiki event (includes format and pictures):

Aiki Extensions around the world:

“Aiki Waza Michi Shirube”
Aikido training is a signpost to the Way – O’ Sensei