Just gotten this through from Mr Walsh:

"A day of Round-Robin multi-style training, and presentations of "off-mat" aikido. A seminar for people interested in aikido in everyday life, and how the art can be applied in non-dojo settings.

Workshop leaders include Senseis Piers Cooke (business), Terry Ezra (spirituality), Philip Smith (sports science) and Simon Whittaker (security). Aikido as a peace building tool will also be presented.

January 21st, 2006,1-6pm + dinner.

Kilburn, NW London.

£10 – Suggested donation.

Please confirm attendance at training and dinner, as numbers are limited.
Contact Ian Hurst Sensei or Mark Walsh to do this, or for further details:

happyaikido@happyaikido.com or warkmalsh@yahoo.co.uk

WEB Information:

London Host Dojo – Includes map:

Last UK applied aiki event (includes event format and pictures):

Aiki Extensions around the world: http://www.aiki-extensions.org"

Full flyer here. I'll be heading along for the training, but probably not the evening dinner. Anyone else interested?