From "Content Filtering AKA Clumsy Censorship", on Mobitopia:

"As I understand it from MoCoNews, the blocking of sites was a problem with the implementation of content controls, not with its configuration (i.e. teething troubles which should be fixed). And content controls should allow differentiation between different kinds of adult content.

Given that Vodafone effectively controls all of its customers access to the net, I don't see why they shouldn't be able to effectively whitelist access to sites. Isn't this exactly what's done at lots of schools?

It runs counter to what I'd expect from an ISP, but maybe this serves to highlight the difference between the comfy consumer-friendly "we'll bill your children" brands of MNOs and the tech-heavy "we are pipes" approach that the fixed-line internet has gone down.

FWIW I don't buy the "you shouldn't block porn because you'll kill the industry" defence. Whatever your personal view on the subject, it's an emotive one for much of the population, and one that needs to be addressed in some way."