Here's something that might interest anyone who does WAP or SMS services in the UK:

We've just been building a content distribution service for a TV production company, to help them sell a Java game. In the course of testing we noticed a really weird little problem: some (but not all) Vodafone handsets generated *2* hits to our server each time they accessed an address on our machine. Cue lots of double-takes.

Then we noticed that one of the hits was coming from these guys, Cerberian. They do content controls - I presume that they're therefore doing Voda's child protection stuff, and that they're hitting any site that CC-ed Vodafone customers go to. Seems like a strange way of going about business, but there you go...

Moral of the tale: operators do weird stuff that might have a bearing on your application, and there's nothing you can do but work around them.