Well, we've arrived; after about 6 hours on the road, we rolled up at the B&B in Betws-y-coed at 6:15 and settled in. I've not been here for a couple of years now - for a while a group of us got into a routine of camping around Llanberis once or twice a year (usually in the winter), but we've fallen out of the habit.

Betws-y is quite unashamedly aimed at tourists, and the streets are full of people wandering about even now; but it's beautiful, nestled in a valley bisected by a small stream (which I can hear from my bedroom window as I write).

I'm absolutely shattered, mainly on account of heading out to Hard South at the Honey Club for Ju's birthday celebrations with the usual suspects (Span/Jude/Emm/Jen/Steve/Hosker x 3) last night and finishing at around 6am when the cider finally ran out. Spent most of the car journey lurching in and out of the Land of Nod.

And first thing tomorrow - Snowdon!