When I first moved my weblog over to MovableType from Radio Userland, I wondered what difference a new tool would make. Nearly 6 months on, I think I know.

I find the MT interface great for working up longer, more serious posts which (when I can spend the time) are edited several times before publication and which have more of a structured feel to them. But I missed the "whack-it-into-a-text-field-and-post" feel which Radio used to give me, and I think that consequently this weblog has suffered a little bit.

I think there are 2 things at play here: the way that MT structures posts (with bodies, titles, and a primary category), and the user interface on the tool I use (the lovely NetNewsWire). With MT, I feel obligated to give each piece a title and find a category for it; with Radio I felt less guilty about squirting a bit of text out here and there. And given that my time is short, and many of my thoughts only half-formed... I quite liked the Radio way of doing things.

None of the above is a complaint about any of the excellent software which I now use, just an observation that different weblogging tools may naturally lead to different sorts of weblogs... bloody obvious really I s'pose.

Anyway, I'm going to try and Radiofy my writing, posting less, but more often, and see how that goes.