Something Jay said at zazen on Friday resonated with me and I couldn't work out why: "we sit with the universe".

At the risk of sounding like a tired old hippy (and we all know that the hippies must die), our industry seems pleased as punch with itself that suddenly everyone is getting networked - that we communicate with and influence not just those around us, or those in the next town or country, but everyone everywhere.

And then you look back at these old Buddhist guys... and they've been saying exactly the same thing for thousands of years. The hi-tech industry is playing catchup with monks who died 2 millenia ago - doh.

It's been a weird week for it all btw. Jay and Heather, who run the zazen group, turned up to Aikido on Thursday to have a look at what we do... and then Tom Helsby came along with me to zazen on Friday.

I can only liken the sensation to how I imagine it feels when you and your partners parents first meet: on best behaviour and praying fervently that everyone gets on.