Typical... a few days after telling the d.Construct conference that I can't see much use for AJAX and mobile, I'm sitting at the MWI event and Keith Waters of France Telecom starts showing off exactly this: some prototype mini-applications running on what looked like a Windows smartphone, written as widgets in DHTML and CSS.

I had a chance to chat to him and some other operator folks about this afterwards and it sounds interesting. Even if it'll be 2-3 years before devices which can run this stuff (MiniMo is what these guys are doing, though in a fit of synchronicity Russ notes that Opera have announced the capability too) are mass market, this should make it easier for enterprises - particularly smaller ones - to roll out custom apps before then.

Hmm... I wonder where an open-sourced platform for producing visually strong widgets, using the same skill set that the web development community possesses in abundance, leaves Macromedia Flash?