2008: fast, cramped.

Good bits: LIFT (of course), OverTheAir (woot), Barcamp Brighton, dConstruct, Future of Mobile, Mobile Mondays a-plenty, Summer School and 1st kyu grading, a very quick trip to the US, Hopper marriage festivities, getting my W3C on, running regularly and getting up to 10k. Hanioti. Beachdown. Loop. A weekends camping with old friends in Brecon. Stanage Edge. First FP Advisory Board BBQ^H^H^Hdinner. Going vegetarian, and lapsing only in respect of fish. Taking Tuesdays Aikido classes.

Bad bits: my grandfather died, Bryan and Devi left FP, Trutap hit troubled times, A.N.Other-project difficulties.

Next year: LIFT (of course). OverTheAir. A clutch of start-the-year weddings, with duties to be performed at the official inauguration of The Hive Mind. Vague plans to head to Tokyo and Black Rock City, even (just possibly) to Alaska for the World Beard Championships. I suspect one or two of these will be forcible postponed by events beyond my control, but we'll see. Doing the Certified Scrum Master course with Mike Cohn (and immediately after going for Certified Scrum Practitioner). Economic trepidation, obviously. Half-marathon to run in February and hopefully taking that further later in the year. Getting a proper bathroom at home for the first time in nearly 2 years. Returning to Wales. Helping my mother move house.

General resolutions for 2009? Nothing unusual: be healthier (eat better, drink carefully, exercise regularly, sleep better). Waste less (reuse, recycle, employ worms). Get more engaged locally - something I failed to do in 2008.

But look at me! Still talking, when there's science to do.