Friday: wandered to zen again. Much busier this time around, there seemed to be about 5 or 6 new people giving it a go. Enjoyed it except for persistent chest pains/stitch down my left-hand side which wasn't pleasant, but bearable. Got complimented on my posture afterwards which secretly chuffed me. No zen for 2 weeks as Jay and Heather go off to get ordained in whatever it is you get ordained in for zen. Oh and I have Glastonbury anyway :)

Saturday: got up early, picked up my suit from Sketchleys, and waited for my dad to turn up. We drove down to Dorset, as we did this time last year, for my grandad's 90th birthday celebration: a meal out at a hotel in Beaminster, followed by tea and croquet in the back garden of his Broadwindsor residence. Everything seemed to go well thanks to Vic's organisational skills, and the atmosphere was ace. After getting a lift back, Ju and I trotted over to The Housewarming Of Nigel And Nan: lots of old Reading Uni friends turned up, and There Was A Shed.

Ladies with mallets It's all his fault

A slow recovery on Sunday, followed by a few jobs around the house, and aikido in the evening - with an unexpected visitor showing up. I think the weekend had knackered me slightly - I felt completely out of sorts by the end of the class, but stuck around for an extra half an hour with He Who Shall Not Be Named, who very kindly ran through the 3rd kyu syllabus with me. Thanks to this mysterious be-hakama'd stranger, I now also know where my towel is.