...so I'm listening to the excellent Long Now Foundation podcasts whenever I travel from A to B without something specific to think about or do (i.e. walking to work, to class, etc.) - and they're absolutely excellent, thoroughly recommended.

This evening, Brian Eno talking about how the Long Now Foundation were approached and asked to think about storage of nuclear waste. He relates the tale of the Yucca mountain storage facility, designed to last for 10,000 years - and how they reckoned this was the wrong approach. 10,000 years is far too long a timescale to think sensibly about doing something so risky and it would be better to work out how to store waste reliably for 100 years - with the aim of coming back then to rethink the problem with new technology.

And my brain's thinking "hmm... don't plan the whole thing out in advance, but do a chunk, then come back to it and replan... what does that remind me of".

Either I'm an incurable saddo, or there's a theme here. (erm, or both).

Whatever, hopefully I'll be the top result on google for "Agile Nuclear Waste Storage".