My World Telemedia skit seemed to go OK. It wasn't as well-attended as I'd expected; with a name like "World Telemedia" I expected vast halls containing thousands of chattering mobile enthusiasts, not the die-hard 15 or so we got. But hey, that meant we could just chat to them a little more than would be otherwise possible, and quite a few of them hung around after for that.

Ren Reynolds and Vicky Wu of FrogHop ably coped with a missing speaker and ran the session. I still think a "transmedial access solution" sounds like something you hear shouted in an episode of ER, but I think I get what Vicky means now :) If you're into this stuff, take a look at the FrogBlog.

The slides from my talk, "Building a mass market casual gaming service", a case study for our work with Puzzler over the last 18 months, are here. Of course all the really interesting stuff is in my notes and my head, neither of which are fit to be put online - drop me an email if you'd like to know more.