World Telemedia Day 2: High Resolution 3D and the future of mobile content, Phil Atkin, nVidia

"A short history of NVIDIA... through real-time hair"

A history of PC games. Turning point was GLQuake with rendered lighting behaviours.

So what happened? Low-cost 3D accelerators. OpenGL, the first cross-platform standard. High-performance CPUs became available.

Games need: powerful CPUs. Standardised 3D APIs. Affordable 3D acceleration. I'd disagree with all these for mobile.

Java is not the best solution for gaming; it's interpreted, unresponsive, etc. JSRs help out here (JSR-184). BREW is good. Still no GLQuake yet.

Demo of Quake on a handset.

3D titles scale better to different resolutions so are more portable (sounds tenuous to me but hey I'm not a game developer).

"Phones are more like arcade machines than consoles": short play sessions.

Why 3D necessarily - just cos that's what console games did?